Next gen lead qualification

Contact your customers via new messenger channels like WhatsApp to improve your sales funnel.

"Leads expire the same way yogurt does!"

So why waste time by not reaching them?

Immediate Execution

Once we are connected over an API received leads will be contacted in real-time by us and the leads status and qualification progress is visible for you.

Performance Based Settlement

Unlike a call-center Agent sales_Q does not have an hourly wage. Leads are classified into statuses and qualification process is tracked. The settlement depends on success measures of the badge.

Individual Scripting

Every Lead can get an individualized script and questionnaire depending on your presets. We only give improvement suggestions based on our experience

Safe & Sound

As a German-based company we comply with the latest GDPR regulations and help you to do so as well when using up-to-date Messengers like WhatsApp.

"Digital freedom stops where that of users begins.
Nowadays, digital evolution must no longer be a customer trade-off between privacy and security."

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The Company

Asynchronus communication has become state of the art in private communication.
We think businesses need to accept that and reach their customers on messengers like WhatsApp


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